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Bait Sitty

Bait Sitty, the home of authentic Middle Eastern food, not only celebrates Middle Eastern heritage, but also allows for a glimpse of its beautiful culture in every bite. "Bait Sitty"-- which translates to "Grandma's house", hopes to deliver a delightful over-all dining experience. Every meal is escorted by Grandma's rituals and prepared with the strongest currency of all, LOVE. All thanks to our grandmas, the exceptional recipes passed down generation to generation are now in the palm of your hands. We invite you and your loved ones to take part in sharing the authentic Middle Eastern way of indulging

Meet The Family
Executive chef, Alaa Damaa and his wife Lama Daama the sous chef has encompassed the restaurant for over 20 years. Being Palestinians, hospitality is in their blood. Cooking is not just a hobby for them, but a way of life. The Damaa family are firm believers in: "good food is a foundation of genuine happiness". Additionally, they continue to advocate that indulging in your daily meal should not only satisfy your cravings but should also be food for your soul.